BCLC Keno Great Promotion

For a large number of gamers, online casino fun begins with keno, keno being one of the most popular games whether it’s played at a land-based casino or online.  BCLC has 17 land-based casinos and one online casino, called PlayNow.  BCLC Keno Online at PlayNow offers players many options and the excitement of a drawing every three minutes and thirty seconds.

A Great Keno Promotion

From now until April you can double your keno online winnings up to $500 by playing the great Keno Double Up promotion.  All eligible players of BCLC PlayNow keno will win a prize if they follow the super easy rules and actually PLAY KENO during the promotional period.  At the end of the promotion everyone will receive tokens that will double their biggest keno online win up to $500.

Easy to Learn

Keno is one of the easiest online casino games to learn to play.  Since it’s primarily a game of chance, there isn’t any fancy strategy to learn.  To begin, you decide on the size of your bet commensurate with your bankroll.  Responsible gaming at PlayNow is equally as important to management as the overall fun you have playing their online casino games and the safety of their banking procedures.

Twenty Chances to Get Lucky

So, you decide whether to bet on one number on up to ten numbers and you bet $!, $2, $5, or $10 on each number.  That means that the most you can bet on any draw is $100.   Then they draw twenty numbers from a collection of eighty numbers.  You get paid according to how many numbers you chose correctly.

Great Thrills Every 3 and a Half Minutes

You can also follow the draw in real time.  One of the big drawing points of BCLC keno live is that they draw so many numbers.  The excitement and anticipation are a major part of the online casino fun you can have with BCLC PlayNow keno.

Double Bet May Win Big

You can play keno bonus by doubling your bet.  The keno bonus bet gives you the chance to multiply your win by 1.5z, 2x, 5x, 7x, or 10x.  The keno bonus bet is completely independent from the Double Up promotion.  In the promotion, everyone who plays, wins.  In the keno bonus bet, you increase the size of your win only if you win! 

Asia in Canada

If the name keno seems a bit odd to you, it’s because it has a Chinese origin.  Keno was brought to North America by Chinese workers in the 19th century.

Keno Runners

In many land-based casinos, keno is played in a separate section of the casino.  But many patrons prefer to play keno whilst they are also playing other casino games.  So, those land-based casinos have monitors all over the casino so keno players can keep track of their keno bets whilst occupied at the roulette, craps, or another table.

There are also often employees called keno runners who will race back to the keno room with players’ bets made from on the main casino floor.

Such is the massive appeal of keno.

There aren’t any online casino games that can be monitored all over your house!  But BCLC keno live has an interesting side benefit: you can instruct the casino to play your numbers as many as 99 draws in a row!  So, in effect, BCLC acts as both your online casino and your keno runner.

Play Keno

In some ways, keno is even more fun than lotto.  Especially provincial lotteries may have one or two draws per week.  BCLC Keno Online has 17 draws every hour, around the clock.  When played for the sheer fun of it, keno online is one of the very best online casino games