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The British Columbia Lottery Corporation, or BCLC, regulates land-based and online gambling in British Columbia.  At this writing, BCLC manages 17 land-based casinos strategically chosen throughout BC with the full approval of local authorities.  The central guiding principle for BCLC is that gambling, done responsibly, is an excellent way to have fun.  Playing BCLC Online Slots is one excellent way to have fun for good causes.

BCLC Online

In an effort to provide online casino fun to all residents of British Columbia, BCLC is also affiliated with an online casino called PlayNow that funnels many millions of dollars to good causes throughout BC.  The number and variety of BCLC online casino games is vast so here we’ll concentrate on slots operated through PlayNow.

Payline or Paylines

PlayNow categorizes its online slots casino games by how many pay lines they have and by whether they offer free spins.  Whilst there are a mere handful of 9-line slots there is a huge collection of forty-nine 20-line slots and a few 100-line slots.  The list of online slots Canada that have free spins is also massive. 

Flexibility Equals Quality

BCLC online slots casino games come from several game developers.  That means that PlayNow and BCLC can choose the very best of the best highlighting fun as the primary goal of any slots game they wish to offer.

Beautiful as Well as Fun

The interface for all the BCLC online casino games is beautiful and extremely easy on the eyes.  Just click on a game and you’ll see a lot of information about it.  PlayNow surely wants you to play but they don’t use a hard sell like so many for profit online casinos do.  Their approach always is: “if you play our games, you’ll have a lot of fun.”

Growing Jackpots

Many online casinos have progressive games.  Some have a handful and some have two handfuls.  PlayNow has no fewer than 33 progressive jackpot games.  Most are online slots Canada and you can also win a progressive jackpot in bingo. Try your luck; you might win a five or six figure jackpot!

Powerbucks is a progressive slot that adds to your online casino fun by allowing you to choose how many lines to play from 50 to 300. Crown of Egypt is another variable progressive game.  For just an 80 cent bet, you get 10234 ways to win.

Wheel of Fortune is not exactly a slot but it’s a spinning game with up to three wheels and 720 ways to win.  There are many BCLC online casino games that have crossover attractiveness. 

The online slots Canada at BCLC and PlayNow feature slots in many fascinating themes.  You can play games based on kittens and pandas; Egypt or Texas; debutantes, diamonds, and damsels; Atlantis or Atlantic; super cars and souped up cars; and, of course, Vegas.

Much More than Slots

The online casino fun extends far beyond online slots casino games at PlayNow.  You can play poker, blackjack, roulette, keno, bingo and many more games.  All of the games come with a helpful teaching “course”

No Compromise on Safety

Aside from the games themselves the safety of your money is a natural concern of all gamers.  Online shopping that accepts credit cards must have strong encryption software to safeguard their customers’ privacy and payment.  The same holds true for online casinos.  Gaming at PlayNow is completely secure.  Your money is protected by an encryption firewall second to none.

Enjoy BCLC Slots for Good Causes

As you watch the reels roll on and you delight at the creative thought that went into every game, character, and symbol remember that many very excellent public causes benefit from your play.  Money is sent directly from the BCLC online slots you play at PlayNow and at the many land-based BCLC casinos to help these good organizations.