Bonus Showdown at All Slots

Benefits! Rewards! Cash Prizes! FREE SPINS! Loyalty Points! Everything every gambler could ever wish for is getting insanely possible and available from this very moment! If you participated in promotions before, you probably know by now this is an incredible experience which opens all the doors for you into a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities. In one single moment you become an adventurous player that truly understands the variety of opportunities standing in front of him and start seizing each and every one of them. The major difference between this promotion and the previous ones is the fact THIS one includes more winning options than any previous promotion ever did! You can win, in NO TIME at all, up to 5,000 loyalty pointsand to be immediately upgraded in the scale of loyal gamers. You can win FREE SPINS and play them in the top rated games chosen my many players from all around the world, and you can do so while participating in the online casino fun scene TODAY! So don't wait any longer and don’t miss one single moment! Today is your day and you better make the most out of it!

Where Can I Play What I Love?

One of the major benefits of this promo is that you can enjoy it while paying at YOUR favourite casino! Out of the many fun Canadian online casino you will be able to step into All Slots Casino, First Web Casino, All jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino and VIP Lounge Casino. These casinos will gladly open their doors for you and let you take part in the amazing party of Bonus Showdown Promotion! Besides the fact you can win all these great prizes, you can also get into the casino and start playing all the games and promos that have nothing to do with Bonus Showdown Promotion.Many opportunities are always available for you and the more you know, the more you can experience and enjoy! Let nothing stop you!

When Can I Start?

You can start any moment! It all depends on you and your own will, though it is warmly advised to start as soon as possible. The sooner you start playing, the more prizes you can win and claim, and the benefit is surely all yours! The promotion is made up of 5 successive rounds and each round is a new opportunity to win the prizes, to claim them and to seize them to the most!

Round # 1 starts at September the 6th, first thing on the morning! It is surely worth to wake up early at 7:00 AM, GMT in order to start playing from the very first moment you actually can! From this moment on, you have a whole week to accumulate more and more prizes up until September the 12th at 23:59 PM, GMT. Once the first round is over you must wait patiently until September the 13th on the morning (7:00 AM, GMT to be exact). This day and time will mark the beginning of round # 2. Another week of celebrations will then get started and will be over at September the 19th at 23:59 PM, GMT. Once more, a few hours of patience are required since the third round will start at September 20th at 7:00 AM GMT and then you will have a whole week to maximize your time usage at the casino. This round will come to an end at September 26th at 23:59 PM, GMT and the fourth round will start at the very next day. September 27th7:00 AM, GMT until October 3rd 23:59 PM, GMT are your days and times for the fourth week. The fourth is the last "long" round, since the fifth week, starting and ending at the same hours the previous ones did, is getting started at October the 4th and is coming to an end at October the 6th so you have substantially less time to win all of the prizes you can collect! Don't miss any single moment since the more days you play the more prizes you can win! Make every moment count!

Tell Me How I Can Win the Prizes!

First of all – start playing the promotion! As you probably understand by now, there is a direct relation between the number of days you play and the number of prizes you can win! The earlier you start – the more you can win! So step in right now and then start figuring out all the rest…

The rules work as follows: once you play 3-4 days a week (per round), you get qualified to win 1 card. This 1 card will use you as you claim your 1 prize which can be FREE SPINS, loyalty points, credits and so much more… In case you play 5-6 days your payout is automatically higher and 2 cards will wait for you as you go out and convert them to 2 prizes! Best news will be notified to you once you play EACH AND EVERY DAY of the round! Then you get to win it all, or in other words 3 cards which are worth 3 prizes on the spot! Always remember that simply by joining the promotion you are deeply appreciated by your hosting casino (All Slots, for example) and in case you still make it to the first round - a free card (and therefore a free prize) will automatically be yours! However, besides the first week, during each and every round you must play at least 3 days in order to win some cards. Make sure you claim your prizes during the weeks/rounds you win them so they won’t be forfeited!

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