Online Casino Bonus Canada

Canadian casino players enjoy their gambling entertainment and online casino fun. But there's nothing like the online casino bonus Canada to create a more expansive atmosphere for high quality gaming pursuits.  Thanks to the casino's bonus offers, players are able to enjoy bigger and better wins that translate into more games for more time for free PLUS real more cash payouts. 

There are multiple ways to achieve online casino bonus give-aways when you play at the Canadian online casino. You can pick the games with bonus rounds and take advantage of the free spins. You can also apply the casino's real money casino bonus packages to your gambling activities and benefit from the various types of casino cash, match credits and points that the casino gifts to both beginning and advanced gamers. You also have the option of choosing a progressive jackpot game in which the game's bonus includes the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot that's worth millions of dollars. 

Whatever you decide, you'll enjoy a rewarding and satisfying casino adventure when you play at the Canadian online casino

Free Spins and Bonus Rounds

Many of the slot machines offer no deposit casino bonus free spins in which you spin the reels and form combinations with no deposit required. In the slot machine's base game you are required to activate paylines on which you expect to receive winning payouts for combinations that you form.

Slot machines include anywhere from three to three hundred paylines and you can activate a many paylines as you wish – but only those paylines which have been activated with a deposit will pay out when a winning combination is formed on that payline.

Many of these games include free spins rounds in which the player spins the reels as usual but does not need to add an additional deposit. The free spins round is generally activated by the appearance of multiple scatter symbols on the reels during a regular game spin. Wins that occur during the free spins are paid out as real money Canadian online casino bonus wins, based on the regular game's deposits and payline activations. 

Free spins rounds sometimes reactivate and the new number of free spins is added to the remaining free spins from the previous round.  

In addition to the free spins rounds the games often include additional bonus rounds so the excitement and winning payouts are boosted even further. Some of these bonus rounds are an automatic part of the slot machine while others, specifically the popular Gamble Game feature, are optional.  All of these games add fun and thrills to the regular game spins and wins. 

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is awarded to new players who apply their Welcome Bonus credits and cash to their first week's gaming activities. The Welcome Bonus is distributed in increments. Each of the player's initial deposits during his first week of casino play is met by match bonus points and, sometimes, additional casino cash.

The casino offers the Welcome Bonus give-aways in order to assist new players as they navigate their way around the casino during their first week of real money play. New players explore the casino's games and features but, thanks to the Welcome Bonus, are able to do so with additional credits and cash that cushions their exploration of the venue. 

Monthly and Seasonal Contests and Draws

The casino features monthly and seasonal contests and draws that enable the gamer to enjoy the additional entertainment that's offered at the casino. At the same time the player achieves his bonus wins. 

These themed contests add significant payouts to the regular game payouts and other free spins and bonus round wins. All players are eligible to compete in these monthly and seasonal draws and contests so everyone walks away with winning rewards. 

Loyalty Points

The casino's Loyalty Points programme rewards loyal casino patrons for their casino activity. The Loyalty Point programme awards Loyalty Points to all players based on their gambling activities. Every time that you play, you receive Loyalty Points, with the number of  awarded Loyalty Points based on the games that you play, the amount of time that you play and the level of your deposits. 

As your accumulated Loyalty Points increase, you'll be eligible to redeem them for bigger and better casino prizes. These prizes can include cashback deals, free spins and higher deposit and withdrawal limits for low-tier gamers. If you've accumulated a large number of Loyalty Points you can redeem those points for vacation packages, luxury gifts and other valuable swag.  

How to Collect your Casino Bonus

The casino makes it easy to collect your bonus points, credits and cash, regardless of whether you're playing at the Download Casino on your personal PC, the Flash Casino on any internet browser or at the Mobile casino on your smartphone or Tablet device. 

Just sign into your personal casino account on your preferred device. All of your bonus rewards will be tracked via this account so you can move from one device to the next at your leisure. 

When you select your game and make your deposit all of your bonus prizes will be automatically applied to your account. This ensures that you'll enjoy the most rewarding casino entertainment possible.  You can concentrate on your gaming competitions and leave the bonus calculations and rely on the casino to apply your bonuses to your casino activities.

Many of the bonuses run concurrently so, for instance, during your first week of casino entertainment, you can achieve Welcome Bonus credits PLUS Loyalty Points PLUS  wins from the current contests and draws. 


All of the bonuses are applicable to all of the casino games. It doesn't matter whether you prefer to play table games, card games, online slots, lottery games or any of the other casino game alternatives. You'll enjoy the benefit of the online casino bonus Canada give-aways.