Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile

Blackjack is an awesome game. And your mobile is an awesome device. Combining the two of these offers players a rocking way to enjoy all that the online casino has to offer directly from the mobile. And the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile offers players a unique and exciting twist on the regular blackjack game. So hold on to your seat as you get ready to learn about how you can have some real online casino fun playing this great game. This is one of the mobile blackjack games that you’ll certainly want to learn about.

Getting the Low Down

The Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile game is part of the Gold Series that was created by Microgaming, a well known developer of great online software. There are to versions of the game. There is one where the player plays one hand at a time and one where the player plays multiple hands (as many as five). While this review focuses on the single handed game, the rules are really the same for the multi-hand version and a player can make the decisions for himself about which type he wants to play.  Now, this mobile blackjack for Canadians game is played with two decks of cards. The goal fo the game, of course, is to get to 21 in your hand without going over. And to have a hand that is higher than that of the dealer (without going over 21).

Rules With Mobile Table Games

Now, with each of the mobile table games of blackjack there are different rules and it’s crucial to understand the rules of the game. With this version, the dealer stands on hard 17 but hits on a soft 17. When a ten value card or an Ace is his face up card, then he checks the hold card for blackjack.  When this happens, you can make an insurance bet as the player. Now, with the online casino fun game, no surrender is allowed but you can double down on any two cards and you can split three times to come up with a whopping total of four hands. If you’re going to split aces, you can only make one hit. It’s important to know, as well, that if you have any two ten-value cards, they can be split even if they aren’t the same rank cards.

More Details

With Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile at the Canada mobile casinos blackjack will pay 3-2 and insurance will pay out 2-1. It’s a good idea to get the lay of the land and to understand the mobile table games before you play. You may want to start out in demo mode to see how to play the game and to understand the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile game. Then, of course, it’s always more fun to play for real money. Because this is the only time that you can win real money and you’ll feel yourself invested and exciting when you play for real.

Luck and Strategy

One of the beauties of the mobile blackjack for Canadians is that the game mixes luck and strategy. This allows players to stay on their toes and to feel like they have a part in the win that they make. But it also adds that edge of the unpredictable and that bit of spice so you never know what’s coming around the corner. The Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile is a great way to enjoy your mobile device. The games are fast paced and exciting so you never have to stick around for long. And that makes it perfect for mobile since you are playing on the go.

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