How To Be Lucky At An Online Casino

Are you one of the many gambling enthusiasts wondering how to be lucky consistently when playing online? The online versions of classic land based casinos offer bigger wins, better selections of games, and unparalleled convenience. That’s not even mentioning the generous bonuses available to both new and existing players. It isn’t hard to see why they are the world’s new favourite way to play.

If you started out at land-based casinos however, you might be familiar with the many tricks players there used to stay lucky. Some used charms and special chants, while others stuck to old traditions about what you wear to the Roulette table. Many of these luck-attracting traditions have carried over to the online gaming world, so read our online casino tips to find how to be lucky while playing at top Canadian casinos!

Use Lucky Charms

Lucky charms have been used throughout the ages to bring their users a bit of extra luck when they need it. Popular charms range from horseshoes to four-leaf clovers and even rabbits’ feet, but there are many others that you can use well. You can even use significant dates or your birth date when playing lottery or Keno games.

Most players simply keep an object of personal significance close by while they play their favourite games. It might really work or it might simply be a trick of the mind, but many jackpot winners swear by this strategy to boost their winning chances.

How You Arrive is How You Leave

Attracting good fortune and knowing how to be lucky is all very well, but there will always be those days when Lady Luck is not by your side. On those days where you seem to be losing more than you are winning, remember that it’s a good strategy to call it quits before you rack up too many losses. A good rule is to aim to leave the casino at the end of your session with exactly the same amount of cash (or slightly more) than you arrived with. Of course, you can’t physically arrive or leave when you’re playing on the Internet, but a great online casino tip is to try to keep your bankroll in the clear by managing your gaming funds smartly!

Only Play With CA$50 Bills

If you’re wondering how to be lucky while playing online, another tip from fortunate winners is to play with $50 bills. There might be something special or mystical about this number, but there is also simple mathematics behind its efficacy. The more you wager while playing slots or table games, the more you stand to win when you do strike it lucky! Therefore, playing with $50 will keep both your superstitious predecessors and your pocket happy for a multitude of reasons.

Never Count Your Money

Many online players go for a different approach entirely to the one mentioned above. Instead of fussing over how much they are betting with every game or spin, they don’t count their money at all. Some believe that counting your money during a game brings bad luck, as it constantly reminds you of how much you have spent. This is enough to make most people anxious about betting again – but remember, that next bet could be the one you’ve been waiting for!

Dress for Success

The last of our online casino tips on how to be lucky is a simple one: dress to win. Players around the world believe that what you wear during your gaming sessions can influence your chances of hitting the jackpot. Dress up, dress comfortably, or don fashion depicting your favourite lucky symbols… it’s up to you. Just remember to play at Canada’s best online casinos and you can’t go wrong.