This year I gathered the family together a good six weeks before Christmas and announced that this was going to be the year when we got our Christmas spending in hand. We agreed that we would not forgo Christmas presents entirely but rather we would only spend a total of $100 on gifts for everyone in both our close and extended family. Where possible we will make our own gifts, ornaments and wreaths.

So far so good, however I really have been missing the experience of wandering through the festively decorated mall with all the cute Christmas themes and the merry carols, and then I saw the Christmas Market promo – All Slots! Hallelujah! This has literally been an answer to my quandry. I can go virtual shopping to my hearts content, enjoy Canadian online casino fun and spend no more than I usually do at the online casino. Christmas is now complete!


You must be a member of the All Slots Casino to take part in this promotion. If you are not yet a member you can sign up today. Sign up is fast and straight forward and once you are a member of this award winning Canadian online casino you are free to enjoy some online casino fun at any time of the night or day.

The Christmas Market promotion page requires you to fill in your username and email on the rustic looking signpost and then follow the arrow all the way to the market. To collect enough money to make your purchases all you need to do is play at the casino as usual. The loyalty points that are awarded on a regular basis at the casino have been converted to Christmas coins for you to spend at the market.

The more you play at the casino, the more money you will have to spend. Once you have accrued a nice amount of Christmas coins, it is time to start shopping. The All Slots Christmas Market has three ornate and vintage looking stalls advertising their wares.

You can choose to purchase free spins; free casino bonuses or cash back prizes.

The free casino spins can be enjoyed on a number of different slots games including the festive Secret Santa, Santa’s Wild Ride, Avalon and Bridesmaids.

During the bonus promotion the casino will also randomly award you additional Christmas Coins to help you make even more purchases.

It takes only a few short minutes to complete any purchase that you make and you may also utilize loyalty points that were collected before the promotion began towards your Christmas Coin stash.


To help make your festive season even more exciting, All Slots will hold a prize draw on Boxing Day where they will distribute a staggering $25,000 worth of prizes to over a thousand players.

Every bonus prize that you purchase at the Christmas Market will award you a ticket that will be placed into the draw. The draw will take place on Boxing Day and many players at All Slots will be thrilled to be o the receiving end of even more Christmas goodies.

The top five winners will each receive a bonus prize of $1,000 each! Other players will also receive generous bonus prizes of $500, $100 and $50.


The Christmas Market Promo – All Slots is just the latest in the wonderful range of bonuses and promotions that this Canadian online casino offers on a regular occasion.

Now is the time to hang up your stocking, turn up the seasonal music and go virtual shopping at the All Slots Christmas Market!

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