Cupid's Target Promo at All Slots!

February is Romance Month at the Canadian online casino with the exciting bonus Cupid's Target Promo at All Slots! The fun-filled promotion is open to all players regardless of their gaming platform, their preferred games, their betting level or their previous gaming experience. Just sign into your online casino account, opt into the promotion and start playing your regular casino games as you normally proceed. The more you play the more tickets you earn for the weekly draws.

Even as you earn regular payouts, game bonus payouts and regular casino bonuses you'll continue to collect tickets for the weekly draws. Every week during the month of February the online casino fun reaches a peak with the Cupid's Target Draw in which $25,000 in prizes will be given away. All together you have four separate chances to collect your portion of the month's $100,000 bonus gifts.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day celebrations are observed around the world in countries that include Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Austria, Korea, Scotland and Japan.

The origins of Valentine's Day are murky but most scholars believe that a day devoted to lovers was dedicated to St. Valentine, a 3rd century saint who conducted marriage ceremonies for Roman couples who had been forbidden from marrying. Over the years the day has taken on different forms, from sending poems and notes to a loved one to lavishing gifts on the subject of one's affections.

Couples exchange Valentine's Day Cards, chocolates, flowers, elaborate gifts, and other tokens that demonstrate their regard for each other. In France some people still follow the custom of "drawing for" in which young, unmarried people call to each other through the open windows of houses that face each other. Today French Valentine's Day celebrants exchange "cartes d'amities," an easier way to express one's interest in a member of the opposite sex.  In Turin engaged couples customarily announce their upcoming marriages on Valentine's Day while in Japan and Korea, men give their presents on February 14th while women give presents in return on March 14th.

This February, Canadian online casino fun at All Slots gives you a chance to earn some extra money for your own upcoming Valentine's Day celebrations or simply a way to add some extra winnings to the month's gambling entertainment.

How to Play

Everyone has a chance to join in the ticket frenzy in the Cupid's Target Promo at All Slots! Throughout February, your goal is to win in the weekly draws. You enter your tickets into the draw and then play your games. When the draw is held, each Saturday, you'll find out what you've won. Obviously, the more tickets that you enter into the draw, the better your chances will be to earn Draw prizes. Each draw is its own contest so every week you have a whole new set of possibilities to enjoy a win.

As you play any of your favourite games, including the casino slots, lottery games, table games or card games, you'll earn loyalty points. Every time you accrue 50 points you'll receive a ticket to the Draw. Earn 100 loyalty points throughout one promotional period and you'll receive 2 draw tickets – earn 100 loyalty points EVERY DAY throughout a promotional period and you'll receive 14 draw tickets!

There's a ticket booster too which rewards you even further. Every time that you play for 3 days in a promotional period, you'll receive a 3x multiplier on your existing tickets. Play for 4 days during a promotional period and get a 4x multiplier on your existing tickets. When you play for 5 days during a promotional period you'll receive a 5x multiplier on your existing tickets. For 6 days of play during a promotional period you'll multiply your existing tickets by 6x and when you play for 7 days during a promotional period your existing tickets will be multiplied by 7x.

Promotional periods are:

Round 1: January 31 2016 – February 6 2016

Round 2: February 7 2016 – February 13 2016

Round 3: February 14 2016 – February 20 2016

Found 4: February 21 2016 – February 27 2016

The draws are held on the Saturday of the promotional week and your wins will be credited to your account on Sunday, the first day of the next promotional period.

Checking your Standing

The Check my Tickets tool allows you to stay on top of your ticket collection so you always know how many tickets you'll have to enter into the upcoming Draw. Open the Cupid's Target promotion page and click the Check my Tickets button to ascertain the number of tickets that you have to enter into the upcoming Draw. The Check my Tickets tool will also tell you how many booster tickets have been added to your ticket tally.

The leaderboard allows you to compare your position in relation to other players. The leaderboard displays your rank, based on the number of earned tickets. Click the leaderboard and submit your username. You'll receive a personal message, through the casino's mail service, which tells you how many tickets you've earned, the number of gaming days that add ticket booster tickets to your ticket tally and the multiplier that will be applied to your ticket tally when the next draw takes place.


$25, 000 is given away every week, so throughout February a total of $100,000 will be distributed through the Cupid's Target promotion. Every week $1000 will be distributed to 5 players, $500 will be distributed to 10 players, $100 will be given away to 25 players, $50 will be distributed to 50 players, $25 will be given to 100 players, 250 players will win $10 and 1000 players will receive $5 in casino cash. When you log into your account on Sunday morning you'll be able to ascertain your win. Bonus payouts are available to you from the day that they are credited through the end of the following round.  

Random Romantic Get-Away

There's an extra bonus in the Cupid's Target Promo at All Slots! Gamers who play between February 7 and February 10 have the chance of winning one of three $1000 tickets for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend get-away. 

Join the Cupid's Target Promo at All Slots! and enjoy heightened casino fun and real money earnings throughout the month of February. 

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