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Free Slots Canada

The Canadian online casino invites Canadian gamers to enjoy real money gambling entertainment at the Free Slots Canada Casino. Playing Canadian free slots online offers you the opportunity to play any of your preferred slots games and earn cash prizes wins without adding more deposits to your game. You can play free slots for fun in Canada at any time and from any location on your laptop or desktop PC or on your mobile device. There are hundreds of free slots games including games for beginning and advanced players, free slots machines  with a variety of themes and storylines and free online slots in Canada for gamers with specific interests.

If you're a slots enthusiast and you want to play slots for fun while you earn real money prizes, sign into the Canadian casino and select your preferred slot machine to playing slots for free at your leisure.

Free Slots Options

All of the casino's slots are available for slots Canada free gambling entertainment. There are three methods to play slots for free – choose the method that fits your needs, combine methods or use all three methods!

  1. Free Spins -- choose a game that features free spins. Free spins are featured on specific slot machines. When free spins are added onto a game, players are able to spin a pre-determined number of times for free and add real money wins to their games. Not all games include free spins so it's a good idea to read up about the slot machine before you start playing to ensure that your game includes these free spin elements.
  2. Free Mode -- play in the Free Mode. The Canadian casino features a Free Mode where you can play any of your games for free for as long as you want. Playing in the Free Mode is a great way to practice an old favourite slot machine or become acquainted with a new slots. In particular, the new releases are so jam-packed with elements and challenges that it's a good idea to learn all of the ins and outs of a game before you sign in to play for real money. Once you're in the Free Mode you can always move over to the Real Mode at your leisure to place a deposit and play for real.
  3. Casino Bonuses -- take advantage of the casino's free bonus slots promotions. The casino presents a wide range of promotions that are designed to allow you to play slots for free. The most significant bonus is your first - the Welcome Bonus:

    The Welcome Bonus is a special bonus promotion which is presented to new players during their first week of casino activity. Once the player signs in his account will be immediately credited with his bonus promotion so he can start playing for free right away.

    The Welcome Bonus is split into sections. On each of your first week's deposits you'll be eligible to collect a matching number of casino credits to be applied to any of your favourite games. There's a limit for each deposit, both on the amount of your deposit for which you'll receive match credits and for the percentage of the deposit that you receive.

    So, for instance, if you're depositing for the first time and the casino offers you a 100% match bonus on your first $250 wager, you can deposit up to $250 and receive another $250 for a $500 deposit package. That's $250 in free credits to match your $250 deposit.

    If your casino provides a good Welcome Bonus you may find that you have $1000 or more of free credits during your first week of play.

  4. Loyalty Points – the casino wants to attract loyal players and, towards that end, offers Loyalty Points on all casino games. Every time that you play at the casino you'll earn Loyalty Points which you can then redeem for casino give-aways and other prizes. Loyalty Points are determined by tiers. The more points that you collect, the higher up the Loyalty Point ladder you'll climb. Some players prefer to redeem their points while they're still on a low tier which earns them free match credits and other small prizes. Other players, however, climb the tiers and move further and further upward as they play more and more slots. By the time that you get up to the top tiers you'll be eligible to redeem your points for special casino prizes which can include cars, cruises and luxury gift items as well as more free casino credits. 
  5. VIP Club – High rollers often prefer to play in an atmosphere that allows them to gamble in the company of other big stakes gamers. In order to accommodate this, the Canadian casino has established a VIP Club to allow VIP players to gamble in a way that meets their specific needs and expectations. In addition to a suitable environment, playing in the VIP room gives VIP gamers the opportunity to compete for special VIP prizes and free match credits. These prizes enhance the gambling experience and provide a more entertaining gaming event.
  6. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Prizes – The casino invites gamers to participate in the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal bonus promotions which are offered to real money gamers with no additional deposit requirements. Some of these promotions involve draws for free casino credits and even for cash prizes while others present free spins and other types of game enhancements. These promotions are not permanent bonus offers so it's important to keep an eye on your email, or on the casino's homepage, to stay updated regarding upcoming casino offers.

Game Platforms

All of the casino's promotions and offers are available to players gaming on their PC at the Download Casino, on a public computer at the Flash Casino or on their mobile device at the mobile casino. Playing Free Slots Canada games is a great way to play for free and earn real money prizes.