Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes

Every month new and ingenious ways are devised by the casinos to entice players, reward them and encourage them to enjoy more online casino fun. The latest promotion offered at the All Slots Casino is live from Tuesday 6th October until Saturday 31st October and is made up of four different sessions.

In order to Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots the player just needs to play normal real money casino games and for every casino game that he places a real money bet, he earns loyalty points. With 50 loyalty points the player receives a ticket to the special Halloween Sweepstakes that is the focus of this month’s online casino fun.

$1000 to $5 Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots

There is a lot more to Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots. Each week the player is able to enter the sweepstakes and win a share of the $100000 that has been allotted to the promotion. Each week there are sums ranging from $5 to $1000 that may be won in the draw. For every 50 loyalty points that a player has earned he has a chance to enter the sweepstakes and get more of the Canadian online casino fun.

Players that play for three days of the week receive 2x the number of tickets that they have earned. Players that play for five days of the week receive 3x the number of tickets earned and players that play for every day of the week receive 5x the number of tickets that have been earned. The tickets must be claimed within the week of earning them and hence the prizes are also awarded within the same week.

There are four different sessions and tickets cannot be carried over from one session to the next. The player may win only one prize per round and the notification of his winning is sent by email, via text or through the communication channels of the casino.

How to Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots

Claiming prizes is very simple and does not detract from the Canadian online casino fun. Players are able to enter the promotion and check the number of tickets in multiple ways: firstly by clicking on the “check my tickets” icon on the main page of the Halloween Sweepstakes promotion, or by clicking on a link sent in one of the promotion emails or by simple checking the My Offers section of the promotion.

The promotion is designed to make it easy for the player, he does not have to go out and look for his tickets or look for his rewards. When you Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots the money is credited automatically to the casino account and an email or notification text message are also sent. The Canadian online casino fun is enhanced with promotions like the Halloween Sweepstakes and the special features of this one means that the player does not end his participation after one week or one entry, the promotion carries on for a whole month offering fun and excitement for the player at every level.

Players who anyway would be playing at the casino benefit from extra bonuses and extra payouts thanks to this charming promotion that fits in with the seasons festivities. It is a no brainer to take part in and offers players amazing immediate cash payouts, one week the player may be one of the 1000 people that wins a $5 prize and the next week he may be one of the five players that wins a $1000 payout.

The fun of the casino games continues and the player benefits from being able to Win Playing Halloween Sweepstakes at All Slots also, it’s a win-win situation.