BCLC PlayNow Online Casino

The BCLC in BCLC PlayNow Online Casino stands for British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The BCLC PlayNow Online Casino is an internet online casino governed and administered by the Canadian government. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation supervises and manages all gaming activities in British Columbia. Residents in British Columbia are quite fortunate to have such a wonderful website that finally they can call their own. The BCLC PlayNow Online Casino has quite a lot of information on its website to assist Canadian players.

Some of the exciting online games that can be found on BCLC PlayNow website are bingo and keno, Craps, casino and table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Blackjack 1 Hand, Blackjack 3 hands, Pacific Blackjack, Lucky Star Revolution, Sicbo. When it comes to Roulette, the selections are fantastic with European Roulette, Euro Roulette Low Limit, American Roulette, Quick Seven Roulette, US Roulette Low Limit Double bonus spin Roulette.

And of course, live poker and sports are all part of the selection. Players also have the opportunity to buy lotto tickets. Residents of The Pacific Province, otherwise known as British Columbia can be certain that BCLC PlayNow Online Casino is not only legal and safe to play, but completely conforms to all regional and federal laws.

Keeping It at Home

What is made in BC stays in BC. Much of the revenue sustains local and charitable community organizations and programs. The corporation's board of director’s guarantees and safeguards that provincial gambling laws are maintained concerning the activities that it supervises. We can say that BCLC PlayNow Online Casino is by the people and for the people.

The BCLC PlayNow Online Casino promises British Columbia residents a secure gaming setting. At the same time, it presents fantastic new games with excitement and interactive entertainment. The software provides players ease in all gaming platforms that you cannot find in any other website or casino.

Initially, PlayNow was started to give British Columbia residents an online location to buy lottery tickets. With the rapid progression of online gaming, some visionaries at the helm of the BCLC realized that online gambling was the way of the future. With this innovation in mind, new games were introduced. Examples are Pacific Hold 'Em Poker, Womens' Poker Classic Tournaments, and the British Columbia Championships.

How to Play Lotto Max

It is not difficult at all to play Lotto Max. You get a choice to either select your initial group of seven numbers or just choose the Quick Pick which will automatically select the numbers for you. You are offered the opportunity to play a maximum of five plays for each BCLC Lotto Max ticket. The Advance Buy option lets you buy tickets for additional draws. The maximum continuous draws are twenty-six. Make sure you answer “Yes” for the possibility to win five-hundred thousand dollars in the BCLC Lotto Max Extra.

Players are permitted to play a maximum of ten selections. The charge for every selection is one dollar. There are also Lotto Max packages available to make it more convenient to players. You might win some extra cash to spend on the weekends since the BCLC Lotto Max Extra are played every Friday. Do not forget to check your tickets to see if you are the lucky winner. If a winner is not produced, the BCLC Lotto Max jackpot is passed on to the following week’s draw.

PlayNow Login

Purchasing lottery tickets online is simple and fast with the PlayNow login. Just log onto the PlayNow.com site. To register just present your name, e-mail address, username, and password on the PlayNow login website page. It is that simple. After you sign in, you have total access to all of PlayNow games, Scratch Cards and a huge selection of online slots.

BCLC Sports Action

For you sports enthusiasts, BCLC PlayNow Online Casino has some real BCLC sports action. When it comes to sports betting, people get very excited at times. When your team is winning, the cheers get louder. The BCLC PlayNow Online Casino offers a few types of betting sports entertainment. Some of the BCLC sports action events are Oddset 3-Outcome, Oddset 2-Outcome, Point Spread, Over / Under, Toto and Props. There is also Hockey, Football,  Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and Golf 

Every game has an interactive tutorial to assist you in your bets and game playing. It is wise to understand how each game operates. By looking at the BCLC PlayNow Online Casino website before you play, you will be well informed.

Go With  BCLC Mobile

With PlayNow mobile, playing your favourite games is possible anywhere. Because a download is not needed, you can simply go to BCLC Mobile website and commence playing casino games, lotto and sports on your smartphone or tablet. To know your current account balances and to make convenient deposits, simply go into the game menu. By utilizing PlayNow mobile, you will be certain never to miss an opportunity to be a winner in the Lottery draw.

All Kinds of Promotions

Throughout the year and on special occasions, BCLC PlayNow Online Casino offers many types of promotions. There are Casino Promos, Lottery Promos, Keno Bonus promotions, Sports Promos, Poker Promos and Bingo Promos. Maybe as you are taking a walk you might get an inspiration to choose the lucky numbers for the Lotto Max.