AGA Report Offers Insight Into Casino Market

AGA Report Reveals US Casino Stats
Bill Miller, Chief Executive of the American Gaming Association (AGA), refers to the US casino industry as nothing short of a commercial powerhouse. Judging by the latest State of the States 2019 report, Miller is spot-on in his analysis of the situation. The latest report gives a clear overview of everything that has happened over the course of the past year, and follows the train of progress from almost immediately after the ban on sports betting in the US was lifted by the Supreme Court, up until the present day.

The report covers the operations and income figures for a total of 24 US states. Gambling is legal in 24 states, with more states expected to eventually join the worldwide gaming revolution. The same growth dynamic can be detected in the newly regulated sports betting market. Initially, garden state New Jersey was the state driving the progress ever forward. Now, 12 months later, the circle of influence has broadened its radius, with more and more states having realised the absolute economic and social value of a legalised sports betting market.

The Numbers Speak Loudest

The AGA cites the actual figures in its report, and the information contained in the report is absolutely astounding, not to mention incredibly impressive. According to the report, the US casino industry is currently officially valued at $41.7 billion. And as if that’s not incredible enough, the growth rate when compared to 2017/2018 is 3.5%. Working on the types of figures that are involved, this percentage is representative of a great deal of wealth being created.

Of the 24 states to have legalised casino and gambling activities, and specifically retail-based activities and endeavours, 12 states have reported astonishing increases in their own individual markets. The retail market covers everything from actual typical land-based casino vendors to riverboats and racetracks.

Out-Performing The Country

The report details some amazing statistics. For example, it states that according to the numbers reported by land-based casinos, 465 casinos are currently on their 4th year of GGR growth. Also, these casinos have successfully outpaced the national growth rate of the US economy. These statistics relate specifically to 2018.

What with sports betting having been legalised in so many states, with so many more states having declared their intention to join the industry soon, 2019 is shaping up to be an even more successful year in the economic growth department.