CGA Offers Insight Into Casino Industry

canadian gaming association
Unemployment is a global dilemma and this is true even in developed countries. It also happens to be one of the key focus points of a recent report compiled by the Canadian Gaming Association; and more specifically, how the casino industry has grown to become one of Canada’s largest employers.

Judging by the statistics included in the report, titled the “National Economic Benefits of the Canadian Gaming Industry”, the casino industry is now officially on par with national standards and may be officially classified as a top employer as well as being perfectly in line with the Canadian national standard for employers.

The report details how the median salary earned by a semi-skilled worker employed in the casino industry in Canada is currently estimated to be roughly CA$65,000 per year. The number of workers employed by the industry makes for an impressive statistic too. Workers employed by casinos and related service and tech-support providers; including skilled as well as semi-skilled; take home total salaries of about CA$11.9 annually. This makes the gambling industry one of Canada’s top performers in the job provision category. 

Driving Revenue Income

The report also considered specific income drivers. During 2017 alone, the gambling industry was responsible for having generated at least CA$17.1 billion in revenue income. This figure combines family-friendly offerings gambling entertainment. But the family-friendly offerings contributed only CA$1 billion to the total figure, with the remainder of the revenue having been generated by traditional casino games, i.e. slots and table games.

Furthermore, the CGA also took into account charitable contributions.  The report estimates that Gateway Casinos & Entertainment contributed in excess of CA$1 million to some 1,500 charities registered in Canada throughout the course of 2017; funds that have provided much-needed financial relief to people in need all over the country. Gateway is Canada’s largest operator and has been contributing millions in funding to many of the country’s sectors including roads and infrastructure, financial aid to hospitals, education, etc. 

Beyond Canada’s Borders

Paul Burns, who is the CEO and President of the Canadian Gaming Association, said that the casino industry had managed to create a very positive impact on the Canadian economy and that in addition to many of the products and tech used by operators now being manufactured locally, local Canadian product suppliers are even now able to export their products and expertise into the international playing field.