Ajax Casino To Remain Open For Business

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Thanks to a willingness on the part of Ontario’s Conservative Government to adopt a more flexible attitude and approach towards location-based regulation, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has had to bend its rules to allow two separate casinos managed by a single operator to trade in very close proximity to one another.

Talks of a possible shutdown of the slots venue at Ajax Downs racetrack to make way for a more modern-day venue in neighbouring Pickering recently had residents of both towns hot under the collar. But a possible blowout has now been diverted; the slots venue at Ajax will remain in business, and Pickering will soon become the new home to a grand new Great Canadian Gaming Corporation-owned casino and entertainment venue.

Ajax Feared Losing Its Income

Every year, Canada’s casinos contribute billions to everything from local infrastructure development to job creation, and the income stream flowing steadily into the town of Ajax has become a resource heavily relied on by the region’s local municipality. Since having opened doors in 2006, the Ajax slots venue has contributed an estimated CA$80 million to the local community’s coffers.

The announcement that a new casino would be developed in nearby Pickering was made early last year, and soon followed by a follow-up announcement that Durham Live would essentially be a relocated and revamped Ajax Downs casino. A public outcry ensued soon after, and the conflict has been building steadily ever since.

Solution Benefits Both Parties

The recent announcement that Ajax Downs will remain open for business, and that the new Durham Live casino will open and operate as a completely separate entity was received with open arms by both communities.

As for a practical solution to the possible problems that may arise from the fact that the two venues are situated but a few kilometers apart, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has announced the games and offerings presented by the two casinos will differ. Casino Ajax will continue to do business as usual, with the only change to be made a decrease in slot machines. Going forward, the casino will be home to 500 top slot machines instead of 800.

Durham Live, on its part, will present patrons with at least 2,700 slot machines and 1,000 table games.