Passport to Riches promo at All Slots

Are you ready for the most exciting of all the monthly promotions ever? If winning over $100,000 in bonuses and $20,000 on your way to see the world, enjoying guaranteed bonuses, loyalty points & free spins on the most popular and favourite games, and having the most exciting summer you have ever had so far sounds good to you, this promo is TOTALLY for you! All Slots is proud to have the Passport to Riches promowhich will make your days and nights far more exciting than they used to be up until now! All you have to do is register or login and start taking part in this thrilling adventure!

When? Where? How Can I Join?

This promo is just getting started! July the 5th, Sunday morning, is the date your crazy adventure starts! The promo itself will be taking part in the most reputable and popular casinos including All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino, and, of course, the favourite casino of so many players – All Slots!

The promo will be combined of 4 weeks inclusively, at the following dates and times:

  • First week: July 5th, at 00:01 GMT until July 11th at 23:59 GMT
  • Second week: July 12th at 00:01 GMT until July 18th at 23:59 GMT
  • Third week: July 19th at 00:01 GMT until July 25th at 23:59 GMT
  • Forth week: July 26th at 00:01 GMT until August 1st at 23:59 GMT

In order to start participating in the promotion and win your bonuses, all you are required to do is opt in and deposit 50 credits or more (you can deposit as much as you want to, of course) during each week of the promotion. Each and every day you wager at the promotion, you will be benefited with a passport stamp, and your goal is to collect as many stamps as possible! Each Sunday, stamps will be counted and the more stamps you win – the higher your chances to win incredible prizes get! For example, by collecting 2 – 3 stamps, you give yourself the opportunity to win up to a 50 credit bonus!

Once you have 4 – 6 stamps you get a chance to win even more! This time you can have up to 100 credits.

If you are really enthusiastic and you managed to keep up the pace with 7 stamps for this week, then the most incredible prize of up to 150 credits can now be yours! The crediting process itself will be taking place during Sundays by 23:59 on the following dates: July 12, July 19, July 26 and August 2. In addition to that, you would probably love to know that if you are playing in SEK your bonus values will be multiplied by 10!

What about the Souvenirs?

Wonderful question! It is time to win playing fun online casino promotions and the souvenirs are just an incredible way to do so! The souvenirs are simply incredible prizes that let you keep some mementos of your most exciting tours around the world. You better keep an eye on your passport because each time you get to collect your second and forth stamp for the week, the casino will be able to benefit you with an extra (and very special) offer upon logging in.

The offers include additional loyalty points for no less than 24 hours on all the games in your casino and FREE SPINS on wonderful featured games once you make a qualified deposit. Notice that once you play via your mobile device, the free spins will be available on Avalon only.

I Heard There's A Passport to Reaches Draw!

Yes, there sure is, and you can now win cash prizes online! Your Passport to Richescan credit you with up to 20,000 credits in prizes and you want to use it to the most! The players who won the stamps throughout the promotion will be able to win this incredible prize! The draws themselves will be taking place during two specific dates: July the 19th and August the 2nd. During each of these dates 10,000 credits in bonuses will be credited to the happy gamblers. Most importantly, you must remember that once you win this wonderful prize you want to log in to the casino as quickly as you can in order to enjoy your good fortune! In order to prevent the credits from being forfeited you are required to log in within 7 days from receiving the credits.

Sounds Terrific! What Else Should I Know?

First of all, you want to remember that this promotion is too good to be ignored! You want to take part in it and you want to do so as quickly as you can! Second of all, you probably want to know a bit more about the wagering requirements. Once you play under the ClearPlay Bonues System, all of the bonuses are subject to a minimum play through requirement before you can withdraw them. Other than that, be sure to prevent yourself from taking any sort of fraud – actions, since such actions will enable the casino to block your account.

Focusing more about your credits, you want to remember that the bonuses will be available for use for 30 days since the day they are awarded to you, so you start using them as early as possible, or else they will be removed.

Another point worth mentioning is that collecting a lot of stamps does not only credit you with a chance to win the different credits, but every time you collect at least two stamps any sort of prize will be guaranteed to you, so never hesitate to stamp in more!  

Last but not least: the general terms of use of your casino. It is suggested to check once in a while the terms and conditions in order to see nothing has changed or has been added to your incredible experience.

What are you waiting for? Start taking part in this promotion already! 

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