History of the Citadel Direct Payment Method

The Citadel Direct Payment option is as simple as it sounds. This is one of the favored deposit methods at online casinos offering instant access to monies spent at the casino and total security and reliability. The Citadel Direct Payment Method has been around since 2000 and in these past 15 years has grown from strength to strength while maintaining its integrity and keeping up its total reliability and security being one of the best options for casino players offering safe banking online with no need to divulge any personal details. All of the secure banking details are kept secure and encrypted with no need for players to worry about their personal information freeing you up to really enjoy your online casino fun time.

How the Citadel Direct Payment Method Works

There are three main types of Citadel options offered at the online casinos. Some of the casinos offer all of the options whereas others may only offer one of the different options. The Citadel Direct Payment Method is the most popular of all of the payment options offering players instant access to their money from their own personal bank account in real time and almost instantaneously. Players do not need to preregister to use the Citadel Direct Payment Method. In the banking section of the casino, the player chooses the Citadel Direct Payment Method and is then guided through a few simple steps to deposit his chose amount at the casino. The way that it works is that the player inputs his personal online banking details through the Citadel system in a very secure and encrypted environment. Citadel then contacts the bank and the money is transferred immediately with no need for any waiting around and the player is safe in the knowledge that his money and personal information is totally secure. There are no charges to this deposit method for online casinos and players are assured of the highest standards of security and safety.

Benefits of Using the Citadel Direct Payment Method

The Citadel Direct Payment Method is favored by many Canadians because of his simplicity. Players are always seeking to secure banking details and not jeopardize or compromise their own personal information. The deposit methods at online casinos are all secure and trusted with each option offering something special for the player but by using the Citadel Direct Payment Method the player has an added security aspect and is also able to see his money instantly in his casino account. This is a preferred method for players who don’t like to register at other deposit options and prefer to remain anonymous when it comes to transferring money. Their personal information is not needed and there is no chance of any of their banking details being divulged. Players are even able to withdraw their winnings back to a Citadel account but this is not instant and some charges may occur. There are no additional charges required when depositing money using the Citadel Direct Payment Method and this is another added bonus choosing this amongst all of the other deposit methods at online casinos.  Before joining an online casino or choosing which deposit method they want to use, the players are able to check on the Citadel website to see if their bank is one of the banks that works with Citadel and hence allows for the Citadel Direct Payment Method. To date Citadel is working in 33 different countries including Canada and works with over 200 different well known and respected banking institutions around the world. The Citadel Direct Payment Method is a number one choice for Canadian players.