Win Big With Progressive Slots

The online casino slots in Canada are among the very best in the world, especially at the sites that we list for you here. They're so entertaining that it's hard to imagine how they could be better – until you've tried progressive slots that is! Next time you are in the mood for an extra dose of excitement, you should try your luck at one of these jackpot slot games.

Payouts That Keep Growing

Progressive jackpots are so-called because that's exactly what they are – they get progressively larger until they are won by some very lucky player. The games are linked on a network, and a portion of every wager placed by every player goes to one central pot.

On land, the machines in a single area, on an entire floor or even in a few different establishments can be connected to each other. These setups can definitely lead to some big paydays, but they are nothing compared to online casino progressive slots. There are many more players betting on desktops and mobile devices, so a lot more money goes into the pot and payouts of millions of dollars are not unusual.

Types of Progressive Slots

These cumulative rewards can theoretically be attached to any kind of game, and then be triggered at random or when a specific event occurs. Landing a particular Blackjack or Poker hand, for example, or having the Roulette ball hit the same pocket 5 times in a row, could trigger a payout. However, in general, they are most often featured in both video and classic online casino slots in Canada.

The game runs normally, with the usual smooth functionality and eye-catching graphics. The knowledge that you could win an eye-watering prize at any moment makes playing even more of a thrill. The running pot total is usually displayed above the reels, at the top of the screen, so you can watch your potential prize climb higher and higher. In some of the older releases you are only eligible for the jackpot if you bet the maximum amount but increasingly, it's possible to win big even if you only stake a few coins.

Classic progressive slots usually award their jackpots at random moments, with no preceding event. Video slots, which are always more detailed and involved than their classic counterparts, generally pay out when the symbols are lined up in a certain way. Often, this triggers a side task or game than you have to complete before you get to claim your money.

You might have to spin a wheel, select an item on the screen or even answer a simple puzzle to determine what prize you are going to get. As soon as a progressive is won, it resets to its minimum amount and starts climbing again. Even at their lowest, just after being reset, these payouts will not fail to impress you.

Ready For A Life Changing Win?

Online casino progressive slots allow you to enjoy high-quality gaming, and you are sure to be entertained whether or not the jackpot is triggered. Since these pots are so massive they're not paid out as often as other rewards, but there are plenty of regular returns and opportunities to win in the progressive slots at the establishments that we've reviewed for you.

If you feel ready to take your spinning action to the next level as you hold your breath to see if you've won, it's time to play these jackpot games at our listed sites! As always, we are here to help you find the greatest online casino slots in Canada and then enjoy them in trustworthy, safe gaming environments.