Mega Moolah Mobile

The whimsical Mega Moolah Mobile slots takes you on a journey of fun, excitement and generous payouts. Spin the reels and earn your wins, but don't forget to keep your eye on the mobile progressive prize. Mega Moolah offers high-quality online casino fun with fanciful symbols, lucrative free spins and a generous progressive jackpot bonus game.

Mega Moolah is one of the casino's newest and most exciting mobile casino games. This mobile progressive slots is available for 24/7 gambling entertainment right on your smartphone or tablet screen. You can play Mega Moolah Mobile at any time and from any place on your tablet or smartphone browser. This jungle-themed slots is a popular mobile progressive game in which you experience the chance to earn big wins and jackpot payouts, including the Mega Moolah jackpot prize.

Regardless of whether you're relaxing on your front lawn, watching the kids in the park, taking a break from your work station or sitting on the train, you'll find that this fun-filled slots challenge provides you with amusing entertainment along with plenty of real money action.

Play Slots on Mobile

Mega Moolah is a popular Canadian slots. The exciting 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine features a wide range of unique elements that enhance the regular game competition and heighten the suspense of the high-stakes progressive jackpot. You'll find a wide range of opportunities which allow you to win mobile winning games payouts, bonus rewards and, of course, the progressive jackpot prize.

Play Mega Moola on Mobile

Mega Moolah is a fun slots for everyone but it's particularly appealing for players who love animals. The reels feature captivating symbols of friendly animals including a grinning giraffe, an elegant ibex, a startled zebra, a playful ape, a friendly elephant and a contemplative lion. Images of happy animals follow you as you spin the reels and create winning combinations. Your spins are accompanied by lively jungle music which adds an authentic flavor of dynamic tropic atmosphere to your gaming adventure.

The Lion is the Mega Moolah Wild symbol. This symbol substitutes for any other symbol to complete more paylines. Combinations which are completed with the inclusion of the Lion symbol pay out with a x2 multiplier. 

The beaming monkey is the game's scatter symbol. When 2 or more scatters appear on an enabled payline they create their own winning scatter combination and signal a special scatter combination payout. Whenever three or more scatters appear simultaneously they activate the Free Spins bonus game.

Free Spins

The Mega Moolah Mobile free spins activate whenever 3 or more scatters emerge concurrently, scattered across the reels. When you enter the free spins game you're awarded 15 free spins with x3 multipliers on all wins. During the Free Spins round, combinations which contain a Wild pay out with a x3 multiplier. Free spins reactivate whenever 3 scatter symbols appear during a free spin, so your new free spins are added to your previous free spins for your new free spins total.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

The second bonus game in Mega Moolah is the progressive jackpot game. This game involves a side competition that plays alongside the regular game. You can join the progressive jackpot game at any point during the game, or you can play just the regular game, at your discretion. To join the progressive jackpot, add a small additional deposit to your wager. Players from around the world deposit their own wagers as they join the progressive jackpot, so the jackpot continues to grow. With hundreds of thousands of participating players, the jackpot can reach into the tens – even hundreds -- of thousands of dollars.

In the Mega Moolah slots there are four progressive jackpots, all of which run simultaneously. If one of your spins triggers the Jackpot you win one of the four jackpot prizes. The Mega Moolah Mobile game features a coloured wheel which is divided into 4 segments. Spin the wheel and watch to see where that coloured wheel stops. If your spin activates one of the jackpots, that's your prize to take home.

Any random player, anywhere in the world, can trigger the progressive jackpot and win one of the prizes. When a jackpot is paid out, it readjusts to zero. As players start making new deposits, the jackpots begin to grow anew.   

Mobile Gambling

You can play Mega Moolah or any other mobile slots at your leisure on your smartphone or tablet device. Open the casino URL on your mobile browser and submit your cell phone number and country of residence to the casino. You will receive a text link, within minutes, which takes you to the casino's mobile download link. Click the download button and download the mobile app into your device so that you can enter the games lobby and select your preferred casino games to play on your smartphone or tablet screen.

Mega Moolah is not available for practice play in the casino's Free Mode as progressive games are not.  But do take the plunge and play this exciting progressive jackpot game for real - those jackpots are worth it!

Mega Moolah slots provides you with enchanting gambling entertainment and multiple opportunities to achieve real money wins which you can enjoy right on your mobile screen.

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