Welcome To The World of Online Slots

Slots are usually the most popular games at any casino, whether it is a brick-and-mortar or online establishment. Considering how easy, fun and rewarding they are to play, that's not really surprising!

The original machines had 3 spinning mechanical reels with simple symbols on them. When the icons lined up in certain patterns, known as paylines, players won multiples of however many coins they had bet in the first place. Nowadays, most machines use software and animations rather than physical reels to create the action and ensure fairness with proven Random Number Generation. The basic principle of the games remains the same however, but the detail, themes and special features make them better than ever.

When you play online casino slots you can choose from hundreds of titles, and these can be split into different categories, depending on their set up.

Classic Slots

Classics are based on the original one-armed bandits, so they are kept pure and simple. Usually there are only 3 reels, as well as just a few paylines and special features. The symbols are also kept simple, and often take the form of old school icons like cherries, bells, bars and fruit.

These games are perfect for beginners who are still learning about online casino slots, and for anyone who wants to slow down the pace a little. Don't be fooled by their old-fashioned charm though – the generous payouts are thoroughly modern!

Video Slots

Technically every software-powered game is a video slot, but the name is reserved for the titles that are more detailed, with immersive storylines and several special features and paylines. These online casino slots are almost always based on a specific theme, with the symbols and graphics inspired by that central idea.

Often the sound effects and even the special features and bonus side games will also echo the theme, which could literally be anything. The only real limit is the developers' imagination, and ancient mythology, animals, safaris, adventure, science fiction, steampunk and much more have been used in the design. Blockbuster movie, television and other franchises are also very popular themes online.

Special features include free spins, win multipliers and Wild Symbols that are able to stand in for other icons and complete more payouts than would be possible otherwise. Over time, innovative pay structures like the ever-popular 243 Ways to Win format have developed, and are now seen as often as conventional paylines. Players are entranced by the action, and it's easy to understand why these are the best-loved casino slots in Canada.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots can be attached to classic or video slots. The gameplay is per normal, but the fact that a massive, potentially life-changing jackpot could be triggered at any time makes playing even more exciting. A portion of every bet placed is added to the pot, and with so many players at our recommended casinos you can imagine how massive they become. These rewards may be given at random, or when the symbols assemble in a certain pattern. Either way, the amounts that they pay out are truly impressive because they continue to grow until someone is lucky enough to win them.

Start Spinning & Winning

Whether you're interested in classic, video or progressive jackpot action, we can help you find the top casino slots in Canada! The graphics, payouts and overall functionality of the games at our reviewed sites are among the best in the country, and you'll get to enjoy them in playing environments that you know are completely safe and fair. Start exploring the almost endless slots options at our recommended sites now.