Game of Thrones Choice; Paylines or Ways to Win

If you're looking for some online casino fun, we've got the game for you:  Game of Thrones slots game.

Game of Thrones is a five reel slots game that can be played with 243 ways to win or 15 set paylines. The game is based on the well known and loved TV show and book of the same name and features all of the same characters with even the real music from the TV show playing in the background as the game is played. There are many special features to this game making it one of the favourite online casino games for Canadians who love the action, choices the game offer and the incredible graphics of the game. The online games for Canadians are superb in every way and Game of Thrones does not disappoint.

Special Game of Thrones Features, Free Spins and Random Dragons Eggs

At any time while playing this game two random dragons eggs can appear on screen. They will sizzle and explode offering a reward to the player. There are stacked wilds and a special free spins bonus that is activated when three or more of the scatter symbols appear on screen. The free spins bonus game is not a standard game; players are given a choice of joining one of the four houses to which they pledge allegiance. Each house offers a different package for the free spins:


  • The House of Baratheon offers 8 free spins with a 5x multiplier and the symbol is stacked 3x.
  • The House of Lannister offers 10 free spins with a  4x multiplier and the symbol is stacked 4x.
  • The House of Lark offers 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier and the symbol is stacked 5 deep.
  • The House of Targaryen offers 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier and the symbol is stacked 6 deep.

Players choose their own personal preferences and remain loyal to this house.

Game of Thrones Bonus Trail

As with all the best online games in Canada there is another special feature to this game and that is the special gamble feature trail. At the end of every winning spin, players are invited to try their luck in the gamble feature by spinning the ancient Braaivosi coin. Players spin the coin choosing heads or tails. If they have guessed correctly they are able to progress along the special Trail map that has four stages. If the guess is incorrect the player loses his bet for that round at is taken back to continue playing the main game.  There are four stages to the bonus trail that can be completed giving players greater payouts for their initial winnings.

Everything about the Game of Thrones game is good. It is a well-structured game offering many different features to the player and even for players who are not familiar with the excitement of the TV show are drawn into the excitement of this leading choice of online games for Canadians. Players can review the game online before choosing which of the options to play and are also able to try out the game for fun and practice before placing real money bets. The coin values are set at $0.01, $0.02, $0.05 and $0.10. Players are about to place up to 10 coins per spin of their chosen coin size. The higher the value bet the higher the payouts but when choosing the bonus trail, players need to be aware that they can also lose the current bet for that spin.

Game of Thrones has fast become one of the favourite online casino games for Canadians because of the excitement that it holds and the fact that it is very easy to play while also being extremely enjoyable.

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