Golden Princess Online Slots

With Golden Princess you can have tons of online casino fun playing one of the best of all online slots games for Canadians! With the ability to win up to $65,000.00, 50 Free Spins, Scatters, 3X multiplier, stacked WILD symbols and the multiple Golden Princes bonus rounds, the fun of gambling never ends! Simply play online slots with Golden Princess and enjoy the #1 ranked online slots bonuses for Canadians!

The Golden Princess online slots is a true golden experience. This wonderful game has everything a top ranked slots casino game really needs: the thrill is constantly kept with unforgettable unique rewards, the multiple betting options and Auto Play spins make the experience 10 times more thrilling, the rewarding symbols make every win spin a BIG WIN and the surprise with each such spin is always endless! Once you start to play online slots at Golden Princess you are warmly welcome by a fine princess and royal music playing at the background, a totally golden game theme and a whole experience of fancy majesty and fine gold. Golden Princess is sure to give you the best of both world – Pure gambling fun and great golden experience! 

Let's Talk Awards! What Can I Have and How Exactly?

Playing Golden Princess you can have so many awards it's even hard to count! Golden Princess bonus rounds are full of opportunities for you to seize bonuses and really enjoy the game! So let's break it down for you…


A Wild game has the WILD option! A great symbol that serves as a substitute to all others, excluding the Scatter symbol which is not substitutable. The WILD is unique since it makes any to "simple" adjacent identical symbols pear-up to a whole new win at your spin! The WILD is so great it can appear a few times on the reels in one spin and even make two or three wins in a single spin! Surely a worth to have… An additional treat at this game of online slots bonuses for Canadians is the random multiplier, which is also a feature quite unique to the Golden Princess: this symbol can randomly surprise you with a 2X multiplier or 3X multiplier and make your wonderful, already gift – win, into a doubled and even tripled gift! How cool is that?


The twin brother of the WILD symbol. The Scatter, just like the WILD, has specifically at Golden princess a boosted feature. Instead of "simply" making you win fun Free Spins, the scatter which you can enjoy from at online casino fun can give you 30, 40 and even 50 FREE SPINS respectively to having 3, 4 or 5 such symbols on your screen! Better than ever before! If all these great treats are yet not enough for you our Golden Princes bonus rounds has got another gift for you! While playing the Free Spins, Scatter symbols, which appear there as well, can pay up to 10X of your total bet amount! Prepare to be rewarded big!

Free Spins

Yes, there is more to know about the Free Spins! Besides the treat of having 30, 40 and even 50 Free Spins available for you, you would probably like to know that you have full control over how these Free Spins go! You are the one to choose when exactly to embark on your Free Spins bonus treat (a box will appear on the screen, so if you want three minutes break in order to make some popcorn, you have it! Once you start the Spins themselves, you can see exactly how many Free Spins are left and how much you won this spin and all spins inclusively with the WIN and TOTAL WIN boxes at the top of the screen. Even when all your Free Spins are over, the joy is not to be done! A CONGRATULATIONS sign will let you know exactly how many credits you managed to collect, including all the random multipliers! Remember, while playing the Free Spins you can reach up to 125,000.00 credit coins, enjoy Stacked WILD benefits, and so much more!

Multiple Betting Options! The Fun Never Ends!

What is mostly liked at highly reputable online slots games for Canadians, is the ability to have a large variety of betting options which can boost the gambling experience and make the most out of this fun! Online casino fun can proudly say that Golden Princess has some very special features for you to enjoy all the options!

Betting amounts

Your pocket size changes? Your own confidence, maybe? Well so can your betting amount! If you hesitate a bit at the beginning and later on feel more powerful you can totally start to bet with small amounts such as 0.01 coin size and 1 coin, and along the game raise the amounts up until the maximal amount which is 0.5 coin size and 10 coins. Be sure to remember that the more you bet, the more you can win, and the maximal possible winning amount is 50,000.00 in a single spin! Pretty impressive…

Betting Lines

Because you can also choose WHAT you bet on! When you play online slots at Golden Princess you are able to choose the specific lines you want to bet on, by using the lines' numbers which appear on both sides of the screen, or investigate the Bet Line button at the lower bar. If you opted a line you don't want to bet on, simply press it again and the marking will disappear.

So here you have it, all in one! Golden Princess gambling experience is simply fun that never ends!

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