Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots

Best of all Canadian mobile casino games available for gamblers, Mermaids Millions Mobile, is a truly exhilarating and thrilling mobile slots game that gives its players an unforgettable experience!

With 10 Free spins, multiple betting options, triggered and retriggered rewards for all gamblers and so many other benefits that make the mobile slots payouts really pay out, no wonder Mermaids Millions Mobile keeps its place as the most favoured mobile casino bonuses game of them all! Online Casino Fun is proud toreview this highly requested slots game of all times and to give its players a great adventure while winning over and over again!

Mermaids Millions Mobile, for those who still wish to get a better understanding of the game, is a truly magical slots gambling game. The uniqueness of this game is the profound experience of the deep of the ocean, the incredible sound effects, the sea – resembling colours and the beautiful drawings that make the whole atmosphere absolutely beautiful. Those who look for more than the banal mobile slots games, will be highly intrigued to play at Mermaids Millions Mobile, have some online casino fun and enjoy a great experience of both a fine gambling game with the best of the best rewards as well as unique and fun game equipped with everything needed to make the experience highly thrilling!

Benefits, Benefits and More Benefits!

Okay, so as we said, one of the things that make Mermaids Millions Mobile one of the very best mobile slots games is the large variety of benefits and rewards available! Now it is time to understand what you could make the use of…


The great symbol that no real slots game can be played without. The WILD symbol is the one that alters any "regular" adjacent symbols into a real win by acting as a substitute whenever needed. The WILD symbol, which looks like a powerful big merman, substitutes all symbols appearing on the reels besides the Scatter symbols and the Bonus Feature symbol, and can be retriggered during the Free Spins. In addition to that, WILD symbols appearing on the reels are capable of making more than one winning in one spin, thus enabling YOU, the gamers, win so much more!

Scatter, Free Spins, and Real Treats

Yes, Scatter is here and you can now use it! Looking like an attractive mermaid, the Scatter symbol is the fantastic symbol that can make you win the FREE SPINS!! Other than that, the Scatter also makes payouts that are added right to your payline, and while all other symbols pay only left to right, this Scatter pays any! Benefitting with 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols on the reels, you can gain 10 FREE SPINS! And you know what's best? That these Free Spins can be even retriggered! Thus, letting you enjoy even more Free Spins! And if all these mobile casino bonuses are not enough for you, online casino fun has got some more… The Scatter symbol, in addition to its regular role, gives fine variable payouts depending on the number of Scatters appearing on the screen which means more Scatters = more credits! And the joy is all yours…

Treasure Bonus

Mermaids Millions Mobile slots benefits you, in addition to all the treats mentioned above, with Bonus Feature that make this whole mobile casino bonuses game be even more fun! Once 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols appear on the reels, Treasure Bonus get into motion and lets you enjoy some really fine payouts that make online casino fun a lot more than regular gambling fun.

Different Symbols – Different Payouts

Be sure to remember. Not all symbols payout the same, and you can enjoy it! If some of you ever thought that it doesn't matter which symbol makes this spin a win, you better think again! The numbers symbols are those which make the regular / average payouts most gamblers are used to. Other than that, unique symbols like beautiful sea creatures and those who make you win the special rewards will make your mobile slots payouts much more rewarding. These are the symbols you want to be looking for!

Betting Options

Because, what is a fine gambling game that doesn't let YOU, the gambler choose when to gamble, how to gamble and offers you a variety of ways to gamble? Here it comes!

Betting Amounts

If your pocket size changes along the game, between spins and so on, it is perfectly fine because you can reset your betting amount, at any given point. You can vary the number of coins you play with and the number of lines you wish to put your money on. So, for example, the minimal amount of betting would be 1 coin, 1 line and 0.15 as the total betting amount, while the maximal one would be 5 coins, 15 lines and 375 as the total betting amount. The amounts are flexible and are yours to choose.

Auto Spins

Because who doesn't like watching how winnings are simply assembled one upon another while he simply watches the screen and enjoys all these winnings? At Mermaids Millions Mobile this experience is reachable, easy AND fun! Auto Spins can be handled manually as well as easily by pressing a single buttons, and thus letting you decide how you want to maneuver them. Using the Auto Spin mode, it is possible to opt 5, 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 spins to automatically play one after the other. It is also possible to customize the spins so they would stop automatically once the winnings equal or exceed a certain amount as well as when a specific result is reached. Another option is simply to Auto Spin until all spins are over.

It is important to note that no matter how many auto spins you chose to apply, and whether the credits amount has already been reached or hasn't been yet, you can choose to stop the auto spins at any given point. Simply press the Stop button and even if you are at spin number 3 out of 500 – the stop is made. At Mermaids Millions Mobile the power is in your hands!

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