Secret Admirer Mobile Slots – Review

Secret Admirer Mobile Slots! The wonderful game that lets you enjoy the wildest rewards! WILD symbol, Scatter coins, 3 Free Spins, $200.00 demo credits, multiple ways to win and the best of the best when it comes to the gambling experience!

Tell me, have you ever felt in love? Have you ever been deeply drawn to the romantic atmosphere of lovers, flowers, perfumes, wedding rings, mysterious ball masks and so much more? Have you ever been drawn to the wonders of a true love from first sight, attributed to a fine gambling experience that makes you both be in seventh heaven and enjoy the best of what mobile slots games have got to offer? Because now, when you can get together a great love and incredible gambling features, all these great adventures are in your hand!

Join today the incredible experience of Secret Admirer Mobile Slots, try out the online casino fun that this game offers and enjoy the finest of all mobile slots games flavored in great love.

I am curious! What are these great Bonuses and Rewarding Features I can enjoy!

Well, you definitely SHOULD be curious and highly intrigued by the large variety of rewards Secret Admirer Mobile Slots has got to offer you! Those of you who regularly play mobile casinos in Canada will, without a doubt, be satisfied to know what's waiting for them in that game!


Maybe the bread and butter of every fine game. The WILD symbol, which looks like a mysterious ball mask substitutes all symbols in this game besides the Scatter, and turns simple adjacent identical symbols into glorious victories! And yes, the WILD symbol DOES take part during the Free Spins!


Are you big fans of the Free Spins? Well, I bet you are and the Scatter symbol is the one to give you these! Appearing like your dreamy wedding ring, the Scatter symbols are capable of benefitting you with 3 Free Spins each time, and can be retriggered during the game. In addition, Scatter wins are added to the payline wins, benefitting you with more credits!

General Rewards

You may have noticed that different symbols are capable of benefiting you with different payout. At this mobile casino bonuses game, you have the option to enjoy the great joy winning with the symbols that are decorated with the beautiful drawings. While the numbers' symbols are surely capable of rewarding you nice to average payouts, the highly decorated once can make every win a BIG WIN. 

Variable Betting Options, Depositing Alternatives and Auto-Play Feature

One of the things that make Canadian mobile casinos in general, and mobile slots games in particular highly intriguing is the large variety of options to bet and deposit. Being one of the best mobile casino bonuses slots game, Secret Admirer Mobile Slots is surely such a game.

Betting and Depositing

Not sure which amount to bet on? Your pockets size varies between games? (Or even spins?) No problem! You can vary your betting amount between the minimal one ($0.90) and the maximal one ($90.0) in no time. Simply use the + and - buttons down the screen and change the amount of credits you use for deposit. For the faster decision makers of you and those who just want to make things go quickly, a BET MAX button is available just for you. Once you click it, the betting amount automatically rises to the highest ($90.0) without the need to press the + button multiple times. Of course, you can always reduce the amount by pressing - , even at the next spin.

Auto – Play

Auto Play is a wonderful features. It is no secret that at Secret Admirer Mobile Slots some gamers simply want to see the winnings assembling in front of their eyes one after the other. When they play mobile casinos in Canada, this is what they call a true online casino fun. The Auto Play feature lets the gamblers make the game work for them, instead of them work for the game simply by few buttons pressings. 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 auto spins are available for the players, and the personal customization options let them decide when exactly to stop these spins. Options for example are when the winnings are equal to or exceed a certain amount of credits, or after a specific numbers of spins. Another option is to let the auto spins spin "forever" until you chose to hit the Stop button. If you are less into personal customization, an easier option is available just for you. 5X and 10X buttons are also a part of the buttons bar at the lower part of the screen. They enable you, by a mere pressing, to embark on 5 or 10 auto spins without having to decide when and how to make the spins stop. No matter which option you choose, including the 500 auto spins, you can stop the spins at each given point, simply by pressing Stop. Remember, with Secret Admirer Mobile Slots the power is in your hands!

Select Lines

Another way to maximize your betting options is to choose which lines you want to bet on. You can check this option either by selecting the line numbers at the sides of the screen or by playing a bit with the Select Lines button.

One way or another, once you approach Secret Admirer Mobile Slots, your thrill and joy are 100% guaranteed!

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