Terminator 2 Online Slots

Excitement. Thrill. Tension. Surprise. When it comes to the best online slots games, there is no controversy - Terminator 2 online slots is hands down the greatest of them all. With dramatic music that keeps the tension high, live images and animations directly from the movie and random screens that capture best moments favoured by viewers, this game gives it all to those who seek some extra special excitement.

Terminator 2 online slots is known for its vast variety of bonus features and winning awards. Some of its most popular features are the Blue Scatter and Red Scatter, the 243 ways to win during the game AND 1024 ways to win while playing on the Free Spins mode, multiple Free Spins bonus features and the T-800 vision in which miracles happen to the online casino slots gambler.

Online Casino Fun is proud to obtain one of the favourite online slots in Canada and promises one thing: those who are eager to find a great combination between the high thrill of fantastic gambling with total experience features, and a great reference to one of the best movies of all times will be thrilled to find this all combines into the Terminator 2 online slots game.

Bonus Features, Treats and Awards

Because there are so many Bonus Features, Treats and Awards at Terminator 2 Online Slots it's almost impossible to count.
While containing all the usual treats of the best online slots games, Terminator 2 online slots is highly unique for offering some features no other game does. So let's start!


First surprise! Differently from most other games, Terminator 2 online slots does not merely contain the Scatter feature. It contains TWO forms of this wonderful symbol!

First of all, it is important to understand what the Scatter symbol IS.

Blue Scatter

So this is the "usual" Scatter that most gamblers are familiar with. This one takes 3, 4 or 5 of its kind in order to give you nothing less than 10 Free Spins. Once the Free Spins feature is triggered, you as the gambler have the full control over the game, since you can see at any point how much you already won inclusively, and how much you are winning at this moment while your spin becomes another win.

Red Scatter

This highly reputable symbol is one of the things that make Terminator 2 online slots the favourite online slots in Canada. During the T - 800 Vision round, it only takes ONE Red Scatter in order to evoke another Free Spins feature to occur. T - 800 vision awards cash pay with all the human – symbols and the symbol of the T – 1000 is the one that rewards with the highest pay of them all.


So, this symbol serves as a substitute to all other symbols and merely by appearing on the screen next to two adjacent "regular" symbols – it makes them three of a kind (can also create four of a kind, and five of a kind) and literally produce a win spin out of nowhere. At Terminator 2 online slots the WILD symbol has a shape of an orange T2 coin. You are not going to miss it.

Free Spins

Without a doubt a wonderful experience. Won a Free Spin? A very large sign will appear on the screen and take you the Free Spins screen in which you can win with 1024 different ways! The Free Spins themselves, of course, are also a great adventure gamblers enjoy experiencing. At Terminator 2 free spins the whole screen turns red and agented titles run up on the screen, accompanied by electronic background sounds that makes the whole scene be highly more dramatic. The symbols are not left behind, in case you have wondered. Every winning is celebrated by making the symbols come to life by using high quality animations. Your thrill is promised!

Random Surprises

Another thing that makes Terminator 2 online slots be favoured out of all the online casino slots is its unique surprises. One if the fines one is the random jump of a movie screen upon the reels and show related scenes from the movie itself. These scenes add great value to the game and make much more alive.

Betting Options and Gambling Possibilities

There is probably nothing better at gambling than being able to switch the way you do it from one spin to another. Having the power at the hands on the gambler, let him be much freer to make decisions that affect the game itself. These such options always leverage the level of excitement and make the whole thing much more interesting.

Betting amounts

There is nothing better than being able to raise your amounts of gambling as you play along with the game. The more winnings you rack up, the more confident you get and the more you win, this enables you to increase your betting level. So don't worry if you start small. At Terminator 2 online slots on our Online Casino Fun, you can always change the bets and give yourself the option to win so much more.

Your betting amount can vary from a minimal amount of 0.01 as a coin size, and 1 coin to the maximal amount of 0.50 per coin size and 10 coins in total. The different amounts of bet can change of course, using the whole scale between the minimal amounts to the maximal one.

Betting Lines

Because it is not only fun to bet for how MUCH you want, but also on HOW you are going to do it. And that's what the Betting Lines option is for. You can pick the lines you want to put your bet on by clicking the Bet Lines button at the bottom of the screen, or by opting the lines themselves that are on the sides of the reels.

Terminator 2 online slots – excitement that never ends!

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