Tomb Raider Online Slots

Get ready for an action-packed adventure when you play the Tomb Raider Online Slots game. This is the game that everyone who has ever wanted to be a sexy heroine will be talking about – and everyone who has ever admired one will also want to see. As the online games Canadians love starts, you’ll see Lara Croft at her best. She is running, jumping and dashing after the bad guys and trying to get to the treasure that she wants to return. The graphics are dynamic and eye popping in this adventure and the fun seems to never end. It's always an adventure to follow Lara as she battles against the bad guys as an archeologist and tries to save the jewels and treasures.

Getting Started

As you play this online casino fun game, there are many symbols to keep an eye out for. There are two Lara symbols, one with her leaning down and one with her shooting a gun. There are many other symbols as well which include the idol, the gadget, the tomb raider, the tiger and more. You can feel the adventure with this online slots games choice and you can feel like you’re part of the journey that Lara is on. Now, the Tomb Raider symbol is one that can offer winnings with only two of them. And if you have more than two then you’ll get even more payouts. With three Tomb Raider symbols with the online casino fun you’ll have 200 coins for every coin that you bet and with four you’ll have 2000 coins. Now, if you’re really lucky and you’ve got five you’ll have 7500 coins for each coin that you bet.

Online Bonus Games

There is bonus fun to be had as well with the Tomb Raider Online Slots game. The Tomb Raider symbol is wild and it can replace other symbols. The Lara symbol where she has the gun is a scatter and with two of these you’ll have a win. If you find yourself with three or more of them with the Tomb Raider Online Slots you’ll get into the free spins section of the game where the online slots payouts are exciting. Now, there is also a bonus game with three or more idols. Here, you’ll see that there are 12 idols and each one has a number behind it. You’ll pick idols and then get the prizes and wins based on what they had hidden behind them. You can win as much as 2500 coins in this section with the online bonus games so it’s definitely fun to be part of it.

Having It All

Lara Croft shows that you really can have it all. You can be a sexy woman who can tote a gun, achieve the prize and keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Sexy women don’t have to only be about their bodies – they can also be accomplished. And for this reason, this is one of the online games Canadians love. For women, it has a great message – and for men it shows a sexy woman who is really accomplishing her task. All around, it’s online casino fun for everyone and anyone who wants to play. Get in the game today as Lara starts her next mission - and make sure that you are part of the adventure and the fun as she sets off on her next destination.

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