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The Wheel of Wishes Promo - All Slots opening 2016 bonus promotion is launching even before the new year begins so that you can participate in all five of the opportunities to spin the Wheel of Wishes and win. As you play your regular games and earn your regular payouts you'll be invited to achieve your new year's wishes with extra casino give-aways.

The Wheel of Wishes Promo is available for all gamers, regardless of your preferred games and regardless of your selected gaming platform. So sign in and get ready for online casino fun and excitement in the January Wheel of Wishes promo at All Slots.

Happy New Year

Celebrating the beginning of a new year cycle has been part of civilization since ancient times. The Jewish calendar, which is based on a lunar cycle, celebrates the new year with penitence and reflection. Mesopotamians of Iraq celebrated their new year as early as 2000BC in conjunction with the spring equinox while Phoenicians, Egyptians, and Persians began their new year with the fall equinox.

Ancient Greeks observed the coming of a new year at the time of the winter solstice. The name of the month which is most closely associated with today's Gregorian new year is derived from the pagan god of gates, "Janus," who was honored by the Romans when they called the first month of their new year "January."

The ancient civilizations centered their calendar around the lunar cycle but in 46.B.C. Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar that was based on the solar cycle. This calendar set the new year on January 1st. The early Christian Church felt that this date was too closely tied with pagan beliefs and they banned it, preferring to celebrate the new year in conjunction with Christmas or, in some areas, together with the March Feast of the Annunciation and Easter. Between the 1500s and the 1700s the Christian World gradually adopted the Gregorian calendar which restored New Years celebration to January 1st.

New Years Customs

There are dozens of customs – some quite old and some rather new that enhance the celebration of New Years Celebration around the globe. One of the most beloved traditions involves playing and singing  Auld Lang Syne, an old Scottish song whose words and notes  have come to symbolize people's hopes and prayers for a good new year. Scotland is also the place where another tradition plays out -- first-footing – which takes place shortly after midnight on New Year's eve when neighbors visit each other's homes, bringing gifts and New Year's wishes.

In Greece, New Years is intertwined with the Festival of St. Basil. In homes throughout the country Greeks serve Vassilopittas – St. Basil's cakes – with silver or gold coins baked inside to give the finder an especially joyous new year.

In the southern United States many people prepare New Years feasts with "Hoppin' Johns" – black eyed peas and ham hocks – while millions of Americans tune into their TVs to see the ball drop in New York's Times Square at midnight and watch the Rose Bowl football game on January 1st.

Spanish celebrants traditionally eat twelve grapes at midnight which is supposed to promise them twelve happy months in the coming year.

New Years night in Holland centers around burning Christmas trees in neighborhood bonfires to purge the old and welcome in the new.

New Years Wishes

Making New Years' resolutions and wishes is a part of new years celebrations in all cultures. Through visits, baked goods and other types of rituals, it's customary to use the coming of a new year to express one's hopes and prayers for a good year to come. The most oft-expressed wishes are for health and happiness but financial security comes in a close third.

This year the Canadian online casino gets in on the act, offering you your choice of wishes via the Wheel of Wishes Promo - All Slots bonus give-aways for January. To join the promotion you simply sign in and play your regular online casino games as you enjoy the online casino fun and excitement.

Then, once during each of the five promotional periods you will be invited to spin the Wheel of Wishes and earn bonuses and prizes that are added on to your regular game payouts.

As the dream sequence background displays in the background you can log in and spin at least once each week to win. The promotional periods are:

  • Round 1: December 27th 2015 – January 3rd 2016
  • Round 2: January 3rd 2016 – January 10th 2016
  • Round 3: January 10th 2016 – January 17th 2016
  • Round 4: January 17th 2016 – January 24th 2016
  • Round 5: January 24th 2016 – January 31st 2016

New Years Prizes

The bonus prizes and give-aways include everything that you could ever ask for in casino gifts. The wheel may indicate that you've won free spins, cashback bonuses, free cash to be used on any of your favourite casino games, free spins, 48 hours of extra points through Loyalty Multipliers, free loyalty points and draw tickets to the $25,000 Stardust Draw.

You receive one free spin during each round but if you play for 4 days during a round you receive an extra spin on the next week's spin. 

Stardust Draw

The Stardust Draw will take place on January 31st 2016. All of the draw tickets that you earn through your Wheel of Wishes spins will be entered into the draw where you can earn your share of the $25,000. The more you play, the more tickets you'll have to enter the draw! 

In addition to the draw tickets that you earn through your Wheel of Wishes spins, you can also trade in 50 Loyalty Points that you earn between December 27th 2015 and January 30th 2016 for an extra ticket. If you earn 100 Loyalty Points, you can trade them in for two extra tickets! Earn more and enjoy more chances to achieve a win! 

The draw will pay out $1000 bonuses to five draw winners, $500 bonuses to 10 draw winners, $100 bonuses to 25 draw winners, $50 bonuses to 50 draw winners, $25 bonuses to 100 draw winners, $10 bonuses to 250 draw winners and $5 bonuses to 1000 draw winners.  

Join the Canadian online casino fun and excitement at All Slots and get your share of the January bonus give-aways. 

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